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Rental Service

This is fairly new to our business but we are excited about the equipment we have to offer and the competitive rates. We have a Toro hydraulic slit seeder, we even have Compact Sod/Greenhorizons Group of Farms seed here for sale for your convenience, an Echo Pole Pruner PPT-266, Ryan Aerator and a Vermeer SC252 Stump Grinder available with or without an operator. Delivery service is available for all our rentals.

Toro Hydraulic Slit Seeder

This durable and easy to use machine is the way to go if you want to renovate your lawn without tearing it up and starting with dirt. With the variable speed drive system that operates in forward and reverse allows you to use it with ease.  We even have seed from Compact Sod / Greenhorizons Group of Farms here for sale for your convenience.

Cambridge small motors seeder rental

Echo pole pruner

This pole pruner reaches up to 12 feet so no need to stand on a tippy ladder to trim your trees. It’s got a 12” bar on it and an easy to grasp handle on the pole for easier use.

Cambridge small motors pole pruner rental

Ryan Aerator

This drum style, self-propelled aerator has thirty tines spread over a 19” swath offers a productive rate of 29,000 square feet per hour. Has convenient transportation features such as a fold down handle. Why aerate? It removes small plugs of thatch and soil to improve air exchange between soil and atmosphere and more water intake. You should aerate before you fertilize or seed to promote stronger root system that will help tolerate heat and drought stress our summers bring.

Cambridge small motors aerator rental

Vermeer SC252 Stump Grinder

The Vermeer is self-propelled, comes with its own trailer for easy transportation all you need is a hitch or we can deliver it to you. The 27 hrs power engine will sweep the 16 teeth across the stump and grind it down 10-12” into the ground and you can re-seed the lawn or flowerbeds over top. This is an awesome piece of equipment, big enough for the stumps yet small enough to get through gates and into your back yards. Don’t have time to do it yourself, call us for a quote we can do it.

Cambridge small motors stump grinder rental

Billy Goat Power Rake

With the easy no tool folding handles it’s easy to transport. This machine is built to remove thatch from your lawn in 20” passes. What’s thatch you ask? It’s a natural build-up of semi decomposed grass and other material that accumulates above the soil faster than it can be absorbed and removing it will increase the water, nutrients and air required for a healthier lawn.

Cambridge small motors power rake rental

Echo Tiller

If you need to work up your garden beds this is the machine for you. You work with ease with this light weight machine. It has four, 10 tooth hardened steel tines that provides smooth tilling action for up to 9” wide furrows.

Lawn over haul package:

With this package you get the use of the Billy Goat Power Rake, Ryan Aerator and the Toro Hydraulic Slit Seeder, it really is the complete package to renovate your lawn.

cambridge small motors call us 519 220 1700

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