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Summer is in full swing and while you’re relaxing on the deck with a cold one in your hand we hope you’re taking a good, appreciative look at your yard. You work hard to keep it healthy, hearty, neat, and tidy, and it’s been our pleasure here at Cambridge Small Motors to help you with that. With all the rain we’ve had this year (hooray!), you’ve been mowing twice as often, carefully trimming around the gardens and the driveway, (especially when the neighbours are looking), and pulling out dandelions every which way. You got the season off to a great start with lawnmower maintenance, aerating, and edging, and now it’s time for another round of fertilizer.

Summer is in full bloom, and your gardening season is really heating up. Yes, you laboured for days in the spring to get your garden beds ready for planting. Then you spent an entire day doing the planting. Now what?

Hi! We’re Cambridge Small Motors and today we’d like to talk to you about something we know inside and out – literally. What do you really need, and what do you really need to know before making a purchase? Could you just rent that?

You like us! You REALLY like us! Turns out spring tool and lawnmower care blog posts got everyone planning ahead. Cambridge Small Motors is proud to announce that our lawnmower repair service is currently backed up with a 3-week waiting period! And people still scoff at the power of blogging and social media. Ha! If we’d known being popular felt so good Josh would have shaved his mullet a decade earlier.

It’s that time of year again! Time to find out whether critters wintered in your shed, time to start planning the garden, and time to weigh the wisdom of switching over to your summer tires before the end of April. While we can’t help with the tires, we have a lot to offer in your quest for lush landscaping.

January: the holiday decorations are stored, the gifts put away, and the weather is only getting worse. There’s a good way to keep your sanity in check and your spirits high, though: and that’s with a clear driveway!

Buying a used lawnmower can be a smart move. Older, well-cared for machines were built to last, some still going strong 20 and 30 years later. We’ve got some tips to help you avoid picking up a lemon.

Easy is most likely not the first word that comes to mind when you think of snow in January. Luckily, if you have a quality snow blower from an industry leader like Toro or Cub Cadet you’re one slippery step ahead of the next guy.

With the white stuff on the way, the shop is stocked full of snow blowers… and we mean in the hundreds. Poor Josh is running so fast he’s starting to get himself a girlish figure! But even during our busiest time of the year, we’ve always got time for that old-fashioned customer service we’ve built the business on.

We’ll start with the bad news: winter is coming, folks. And according to the weather predictions, it’s going to be a bad one for the books.

If you’ve recently had a tree removed from your property, likely you’re breathing a little easier this fall. One less tree on your property means less leaves filling up your lawn or eavestroughs ; as a result, you’ve got a whole lot more weekend-time free. That’s a little less time raking, bagging and killing your back, and a little more apple and pumpkin picking time with the family.  

If you get a lot of satisfaction from checking off items on a lengthy to-do list, September is a great time of year. Fall clean up, anyone? But, if you don’t have the right tools for the job, it can be a rough season on your body… and your wallet.

Anyone who’s ever visited our shop located in the heart of Hespeler can gather pretty quickly that we’re a company who believes in community. Whether it’s the Hespeler Reunion or a local music event, you’re sure to see our owner Josh’s face pop up in the mix.

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