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We talk about snow, shovel snow, walk in the snow, play in the snow, curse snow, but what do we REALLY know about it?

Snow is water or water vapour up in the clouds that turns into ice. Sometimes it skips the liquid state and goes from gas to solid, sometimes all 3 forms are involved – something to keep in mind the next time you’re helping the kids with science homework! Snowflakes are by far the most beautiful and boggling forms of snowfall. Snowflakes are symmetrical (if you fold them along the middle the sides will align perfectly), and have 6 sides. They form as icy-cold water droplets fall from the clouds forming fancy tendrils of frozen vapour along the way down. No 2 snowflakes are the same because each flake forges its own unique path through the sky. The long story involves physics, weather, and ongoing study. We also get snow pellets, snow grains and ice pellets/sleet. Regardless, you still have to shovel it, but that shouldn’t stop you from stopping to enjoy the view.

When you hear that the forecast includes snowfall, understanding just what’s to come may help you strategize your snow removal. When you hear about flurries or snow showers you might have the odd drift to contend with eventually, but overall accumulation shouldn’t be too bad. The worst of it will be visibility while driving. Squalls, or lake effect snow, is as much as contender of your time and muscles as blizzards, storms, and blowing snow.

Up your party conversation starter game with these fun facts:


Know Your Snow FBA rain shower except in snow form. You might need to shovel, but you also might not.

Snow showers

Similar to a flurry, but you’re more likely to need to shovel.

Blowing Snow

Snow lifted by the wind higher than 2 metres. Messy and miserable, but snow removal will depend on how much snow there was on the ground to start with.


A thunderstorm involving snow instead of rain. Yes, really. It’s cool, but watch from inside, just like a thunderstorm.


A severe winter storm. Categorized by Environment Canada when wicked winter storm conditions are expected to last at least 4 hours. Move snow in hourly increments if you can.

Snowfall Warning

In Ontario, Environment Canada will issue a warning when we can expect at least 15cm of snow to fall within 12 hours. Snow removal is imminent.
Storm Watch vs. Warning – A storm watch means that ugly storm conditions are very possible. Prep your snow blower. A warning indicates that the storm is almost or already upon us. Get the snow blower ready and your thermos of hot chocolate.

Snow Day

To be determined by your boss, just in case you were wondering. And in this world of work-from-home technology, they’re quite rare!

Beat the rush and rev your engine today to find out whether your snow blower needs to spend some quality time at Cambridge Small Motors. Repairs have already begun, don’t delay! Looking to buy a new machine? We’ve got those, too! Come in to our shop at 25 Milling Road unit #3 and talk to our staff about your hopes, dreams, and storage capacity to get the right fit for you and your home.

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