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We’re talking about clearing snow, because we figure you already know all of the fun things to do with snow like tobogganing, snow candy, and snowball fights. But in order to have that fun, you’ve got to be able to get out of your driveway.

Clear snow as it falls. It might be tempting to just clear the driveway once, but as the snow piles up it’s going to take more effort to move, and you raise the risk of causing yourself bodily harm. Check the forecast every day before you go to bed and be prepared to move snow before you go to work. Snowing all day? If you can come home at lunch and move snow, great, if you can’t, be prepared to move more snow as soon as you get home, again after dinner, and again before bed. If you come home and your loved ones are already shoveling, join in. You can immediately launch into the aforementioned family snowball fight because everyone is already suited up!

Snow Removal Blog FBA snow blower really is worth the investment. You can move heavy snow with little physical effort, which makes the winter season a lot less fearsome for those who live alone, or can’t get home at lunch to clear snow. Your driveway is going to have some dips and raised areas that the snow blower can’t clear entirely, so you still need shovels. Test the shovel out in the store. You want to comfortably lift with your knees and arms, not with your lower back. You can get an attachment for the handle that will help with that. Make sure that the shovel isn’t too heavy! And that the blade is sharp. Plastic or metal is your preference.

Make sure your snow removal equipment works before the first snowfall. When the leaves change colour, start your snow blower and make sure everything works, and call Cambridge Small Motors to book a repair appointment ASAP.

And if you’re reading this in January, we can help! It’ll just take a little longer than if it were October. Don’t wait around to buy a new shovel either, or you’ll be stuck with what’s leftover.

Finally, little things can make a big difference. Pop your windshield wipers up when you’re clearing your car to prevent snow from getting packed in. Use a soft broom to push snow off the top of your car. Keep a snow removal brush in your car year-round so that you don’t forget. Keep mail and paper delivery folk in mind and clear a path for them to your doorstep when you expect a delivery. Use salt sparingly, and look into alternative, eco-friendly melts for those really icy days.

And remember that you’re getting great exercise when you move snow, so put on your tuque, and enjoy the fresh air!

Looking for a new snow blower this year? Come on into Cambridge Small Motors at 25 Milling Road unit 3! Need a repair? Our mechanics are so good at tuning up snow blowers that we can practically do it with our eyes closed. Call us at 519-220-1700 to book your appointment. Don’t delay. Wait times go up as soon as the first snow falls.

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