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“I’ll mow the lawn tomorrow, and get to the garden next weekend.” All of a sudden you’re looking at a field on your front lawn, and you’re not sure if your tomatoes are going to make it. By breaking down your tasks and doing a little here and there you can avoid several weekends in a row of lawn care and still be eager to kick back with a cold one in your personal great outdoors.

Daily Tasks

Weed the lawn and garden. Start as soon as you can clearly identify plants to keep vs. plants that invade – with your lawn, that’s an early start because it’s either grass or it’s not, and the sooner you remove dandelions the better. In the beginning, you’ll benefit from taking a half hour to an hour weeding, but by the time mid-May rolls in you can get away with just a few minutes every day. Seriously!

Pick up sticks, chestnuts, apples, garbage, etc. daily, too. You don’t have to deal with this chore all season, but with the lawn regularly picked up it means you won’t have to take as much time before mowing to do it. And speaking as a lawnmower repair shop, you really do want to pick stuff up off the lawn before your mower does.

Look for signs of wildlife moving in. You don’t want to wake up one morning and discover a family of skunks has moved into the old groundhog hole (true story). Consult local wildlife management on how to effectively and safely deter the critters, then condemn the vacant home so that they can’t move back in.

Weekly Chores

Proactive Lawn Care for the ProcrastinatorMow the lawn! When you wait for the grass to be obviously long and luscious you’re more likely to clog your lawnmower and shorten its lifespan. It’ll get easier as the summer goes on.

Trim the trees and shrubs weekly. Just pick one spot or shrub at a time. Read up on your individual greenery before you prune to ensure you are doing so in the right season as some benefit from spring trimming vs. fall. Before you tackle the tree on your front lawn check with the City for ownership to avoid breaking by-law.

There are some tasks that you have to deal with all at once, like fertilizing and planting, but even those can be separated into front yard this day and backyard the next.

Be realistic above all else. When you save your tasks for a specific weekend, or you wait around for the best weekend to do it, you’re going to miss your chance. Weather is precarious, your energy level might not support your full To Do List, or your back chooses that weekend to demand rest and relaxation. And by taking care of chores during the week, you can kick back and enjoy your yard on the weekend.

Cambridge Small Motors is here to help! No need to buy a tiller or an aerator, we have tools you can rent. Peruse the selection online and call or drop by the shop at 25 Milling Street unit 5 in Cambridge, Ontario. Book early to avoid disappointment! Please note that Cambridge Small Motors will be closed on Mondays in July and August so that we can spend quality time with our families (and take care of our own yard work!).

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