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Spring has arrived in style! The birds are singing, the bees are buzzing, and your grass is growing faster than ever. And even though all you’ve done is use it, your lawnmower, chainsaw, or leaf blower won’t power up. What happened? Here are some of the most likely possibilities.

There’s a fuel problem:

You know that the lawnmower needs gas, but did you remember to buy some? When your gas-powered machine won’t start or suddenly stops, the gas level is the first thing you should check (oil is second!). And you need the right kind of fuel – check the owner’s manual, but diesel is likely not a good idea. Old gas, like old oil, isn’t going to do your machine any favours. Come on into Cambridge Small Motors to find out what’s right for your machine.

There’s an oil problem:

Why everything is brokenOil is your motor’s best friend because you might not get anywhere without fuel, but you can get a hefty repair bill without oil. There are different types of motor oil out there, read the owner’s manual to be sure you’re using the right one. Change out the oil at appropriate intervals (again, the owner’s manual is your friend) to avoid old oil turning to sludge and wreaking all kinds of havoc.

There’s a storage problem:

Rain, snow, ice, wind, and sun can all cause damage to your machine. Store your tools carefully – both in and out of season – to reduce the risk of rust, dents, warping, erosion, and a build-up of dust and debris. You also want to clean the grass and leaves out of your lawnmower between uses to prevent moisture from destroying interior components (make sure it’s off and then pull the spark plug first though, eh!). Get a cover, build a shed, make space in the garage, whatever you need to do to protect your investment from the elements.

There’s a rodent problem:

Once inside, rodents build a nest by shoving leaves and sticks inside your lawnmower, breed, and generally leave a wake of destruction that can cost you hundreds of dollars in repairs. Take rodent prevention into consideration when you plan your seasonal storage, and consider consulting an exterminator for tips if you suspect they’re going to be a problem.

It’s just old:

Look, you can take great care of your tools, but you use them so at some point parts just wear out. If you’ve got a tank full of gas but no power, bring your problem combustion motor machine in to see Cambridge Small Motors! We’ve got a multitude of parts already on hand, and we’re plugged into a strong network of sellers so we can get parts not in stock in a hurry. We’ve even got a dedicated mechanic to work on your fleet. Give us a call at 519-622-1700 to find out about wait times, to order parts, or come on down to see us in person at 25 Milling Road Unit 3 in Cambridge, Ontario.

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Local boy Josh Kinsie started Cambridge Small Motors with the idea that customer care should be as renowned as the repair. A mechanic by trade with vast knowledge of all things motors, Josh has as much fun greeting customers as he does getting his hands dirty in the shop. Whether you’re looking for something new or Old Reliable needs a tune-up, come see us for some good old-fashioned customer service.

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