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If you take a glance at your calendar you’ll likely notice all kinds of gift-giving celebrations approaching, including birthdays, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, anniversaries, and showers. It’s intimidating to think of the Perfect Gift for every event, but we’re here to let you in on the secret of gift-giving success: POWER TOOLS!

Here’s why power tools are the perfect gift for every situation: they are practical, and are more likely to be something that the giftee won’t treat themselves to. Hand tools? They won’t hesitate to run out and pick up a screwdriver, but power tools will make them think twice. Talk about stress-reducing, to just reach for a power tool and get the job done efficiently whether you’re hanging family photos or assembling that crib you got from your sister. Read on for our top power tool gift recommendations.


The drill is the #1 recommended power tool by every woodworking, DIY, and home maintenance company and celebrity out there because everyone needs one. It’s that simple. Cordless drills are handy and go anywhere, so long as they’re powertool junkiescharged. Corded drills pack more power and there’s no waiting around, but if you’re working in the backyard then power supply is an issue. Whatever you choose, go the extra mile and throw in a multi-pack of drill bits in a wide variety of sizes.


Of all the saws available, a jigsaw makes the perfect gift because it’s compact and versatile. You can cut straight lines as well as curves (think jigsaw puzzle). And your giftee is more likely to have a table or scroll saw anyway. If your friend or family member has a Pinterest account, they’ll appreciate a jigsaw.

A Sander:

There are many types of power sanders from orbital to detail and everything in between. If your giftee is a weekend DIY warrior, get an orbital. If they’re crafty go for a detail sander. Feeling generous? Both are widely useful! A detail sander is probably most useful for the average user because they can be used for quick jobs like smoothing rough patches on a bannister or the deck.

Glue Gun:

Craft size is great for craft jobs, but the large glue gun melts the glue hotter and faster. When something decorative breaks in the house, such as the head on your favourite garden gnome, a glue gun is the hero of the story. Likewise when the handle on your cooler comes loose. Does your giftee have kids? They need a glue gun for everything from broken toys to Halloween costumes and school projects.

Inspection Camera:

For the giftee who already has everything, make their jobs a little easier (and fun!) with an inspection camera. They can use it when looking at car repairs, plumbing issues, and to see whether that’s a mouse or a squirrel in the chimney.

Still not sure?

There’s a power version of almost any worthy hand tool. Go for a power screwdriver or power wrench – cordless for ease of use.

Cambridge Small Motors has a variety of tools for the landscaping and lawn care enthusiast! Come on over to the shop at 25 Milling Road Unit 3 in Cambridge, Ontario to take a look and have a chat with our friendly, knowledgeable staff.


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