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You know all about fuel for your favourite combustion engine machines, be they car, lawnmower, snow blower, chainsaw, or the leaf blower, but do you know about oil? It’s become alarmingly apparent in our shop that we need to talk about the importance of oil to machinery; let’s just say we’ve had a lot of really expensive paperweights delivered to the shop!

Oil, for the sake of internal combustion engines, is a petroleum-derived liquid commonly used as a lubricant. What does that mean for your engine? We’re so glad you asked!

You can fine-tune the inner workings of an engine until it all but puts the dishes away, but without oil you’ve got visual art instead of a performance piece. Oil’s viscosity is thin enough to flow into every valve, piston, and bearing and thick enough to prevent the close-fit moving parts from making contact. It works well in hot temperatures and warms up very quickly in cold temperatures to do the job right no matter the season or climate. Remember when you were in school and the teacher had you rub your palms together to demonstrate the heat generated by friction? The parts in an engine run much faster than that which is why oil is critical to engine function.

Lets Talk about OilWhile oil reduces friction, heat is still generated and oil also helps to cool the engine as it flows throughout. Oil can circulate through the entire engine in a minute or less, that’s how fast those parts move to mow your lawn, remove snow, and get you to work and back during rush hour so efficiently. Do you like to spend as little money on fuel every season as possible? Clean oil goes a long way to preventing the engine from running hard and burning up fuel inefficiently.

And it even cleans up after itself! Oil removes dirt that finds its way into the engine depositing the waste into the filter, so change out that filter on a regular basis! Oil itself can be the cause of gunky build-up as it ages, thickens, and oxidizes from exposure to heat and air. So change that oil out on a regular basis! If you’re still in doubt just stop by the shop and take a look at our growing paperweight collection.

Proper maintenance of any machine will reduce the risk of damage, but a seized engine is serious business. You’ll save a lot of money if you take proper care of your machine from fuel to oil and everything in between. To ensure you’re putting the correct oil in your machine and at appropriate intervals, refer to the owner’s manual. Oil change timing depends on use of the machine as well as temperature and hours used. Bring your small motor machines for maintenance or repair to Cambridge Small Motors for regular maintenance and quality customer service. Call us at 519-220-1700 for information on parts and service or drop by our store at 25 Milling Road Unit 3 in Cambridge, Ontario.

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