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We believe that the perfect gift is thoughtful, individualized, and useful, and we believe that perfect gift is a tool. Suitable for every budget, every house, apartment, cottage, or car, and every age. Here are some ideas to get you started.

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Tools for the Parents, In-Laws, and Siblings: Fun fact (that we just made up): Most people don’t have a complete tool set. Tools tend to be purchased on an as-needed basis, because they can be expensive, and because you didn’t know you’d need a screwdriver until you tried to get your bed frame into the service elevator moving into your first apartment. Or, some of the key pieces are missing, (sorry Dad, I really didn’t mean to drop that hex key down the sewer when I was 7). That’s why no tool gift is as thoughtful as a complete tool set! Purchase a basic, pre-made set, or go the extra mile and select each and every tool yourself. You can even get themed kits to suit fans of pop culture. Hand tools, power tools, barbecue tools, or garden tools: customize your guts out!

Tools for Teachers: Not gonna lie, a gift card to the spa or the movie theatre is probably a great idea for your kid’s teacher, but that’s such a fleeting moment in time, you want to properly thank them for inspiring young minds. Teachers give your kids tools for life, so give the teacher the same. Go power tool here. These people don’t have the energy to mess around with hand tools after a full day of teaching kids long division, they deserve time savers. Power Drill, grinder, professional glue gun (don’t forget glue sticks!), anything that will save time and energy. This is also the time for cool gadgets like a laser level and magnetic screwdriver.

Tools for Secret Santa & Gift Exchange Party Games: Whether your budget is $10 or $100, there’s a tool for that! Narrow it down to a theme and then just rock it. For gardening include a pair of work gloves, a trowel, a serrated digger, pruners, even a small axe comes in handy. For the car get a tire pressure gauge, a quality ice scraper, and emergency window breaker, and an emergency blanket. For a general home kit customize it with items no one thinks they’ll need until they do, like an adjustable wrench, multi-tip screwdriver, electrical tape, needle-nose pliers, and a measuring tape. If you want to be cheeky, include a mini first aid kit.

Start your tool shopping at Cambridge Small Motors! Along with our array of new and used equipment, we sell a variety of small hand tools for every theme you could dream up, and we’ll be happy to help you put together an arrangement of tools for every person on your list. Or get a gift certificate! We’re firm believers that nothing says “I love you” like a new snow blower or lawnmower. Come on in to our shop at 25 Milling Street, Unit 3!

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