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As you get ready to tuck your yard care tools away for the winter there are some steps you should take to give your gear the best chance at roaring to life in the spring. Obviously we’re talking about your lawnmower, but also your chain saw, your leaf blower, your trimmer…if it’s a yard maintenance tool that requires gas, heck even your snow blower, we’re talking about it.

Your first step should always be to consult the owner’s manual. Not only does it have manufacturer-specific instructions, but it also has pretty pictures to help you find all of the plugs and tubes that should be checked, disconnected, or drained. Failing that, here are our top tips for seasonal storage of your small motors.

Avoid plaguing your engine with spoiled fuel by draining it at the end of the season. Gasoline can go bad, not in the moldy sense, but in ruin-your-machine sense. The ethanol and gasoline will separate and generally wreak havoc with Fueling lawn powercorrosion on every surface they touch for months and months on end. To solve this problem either run your machines around the yard and tidy up the last of the leaves until you run out of gas, or drain what’s left from the engine and then run the machine until it stops. By running the tank dry you also lessen the chance of moisture building up during the off season, further damaging the components of the engine and fuel tank. You’ve seen what ice can do to sidewalks and driveways.

Safety tip: When your tool loses power (gas or electric), your first instinct should be to turn it off immediately.

When it comes to adding a fuel stabilizer, while we recommend it during the season the truth is that it’s designed to keep your fuel fresh for 30 days, not over winter, and it won’t prolong the life of fuel already in your tank. If you really want to keep gas in a machine for months on end we recommend TruFuel, a fuel engineered to remain stable for a long time. It’s what we put in snow blowers that we’re fixing now so that your machine starts whether the first of the heavy snow falls next week or in the New Year. We also recommend it for chainsaws since you aren’t likely to use that every week all summer long. While TruFuel will keep in your lawnmower all winter, the best practice is still to run it dry when the machine won’t be used for several consecutive months.

To further reduce risk of unwanted moisture build-up, clean your machine. Always unplug the sparkplug, and mind that you’re not tipping your tool in a way that will have oil or gas dripping out. A tidy machine is a happy machine! And you’ll be happy, too, when you power up the lawn mower on the first try next year. Cleaning your tools is a good excuse to look closely for damage. You’re looking for nicks, scrapes, warp, and anything loose. Check tubes and wires for fraying and bite marks; rodents like to nest in the strangest places and they only need an hour to start building their fortress. Now you’ve got all winter to order parts, send your tool to a repair shop, or begin compiling your list of Must Haves for a replacement.

Finally, listen to what your machine is telling you. A hard start or rough running engine can be a symptom of spoiled gas. An untidy job – splotchy grass, rough wood cuts, etc. – is a clear signal that something is out of alignment. Does the machine sound louder? Is it more difficult to steer? Is it vibrating harder than it did earlier this season? Were you able to start it within 3 tries? Do the gears stick? Notice signs of needed repair early on so that you aren’t caught with a broken tool right before your in-laws are about to show up.

You don’t have to do all of the work, Cambridge Small Motors is here for you! Whether you need repairs, winterizing, or you’re in the market for something new. Insider tip: Now is a great time to get your snow blower in line for repair. Call the shop at 519-220-1700 today!

On that something new: don’t wait until December 24th! Get your holiday shopping started early with the ECHO sale, on now until November 30th. We have great prices on all kinds of lawn maintenance equipment, just drop by our showroom at 25 Milling Road Unit 3 in Cambridge.

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