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We all know here in Southern Ontario that winter isn’t the only season to bring us cold weather and snow. You have to be ready to tackle ice and snow in the fall and all the way into spring. Summer is over, (sniffle, hiccup), fall has just begun, and while you make plans to bake pumpkin pie and find a turkey sale, gear up for winter driveway maintenance, too.

Tools: It’s our professional opinion (not a bias!) that you need a snow blower. Particularly if you work all day and come home to a driveway that’s had snow piling up on it since you left for work 9 hours ago – we’re right there with you. While the neat-freak in you may still want to shovel after you’ve used the snow blower, using a snow blower first might still save your back from hefting several kilograms of snow every snowfall. Already have a blower? Here are our tips to give it a good once-over.

You may also want an ice scraper. Choose one with a handle long enough that you don’t have to bend over too far to use it, and one that’s not too heavy to lift repeatedly while chipping away at ice on your driveway or side walk. Salt and ice melts will only get so much of the job done, and an ice scraper has a thinner edge to get under built-up ice, even if it’s melting. Wet ice is extra-slippery!

Pumpkin vs SnowYou also need a shovel! Ergonomics is important these days. Get a shovel that’s designed to take pressure off of your back, or look for a handle helper you can attach to do the same. Just like your ice scraper, get a shovel that is a good height for you, and not too heavy. The edge of the shovel blade is important; you want something that will scrape snow off the driveway.

Don’t forget salt, ice melt, cat litter (NOT clumping), and/or sand, if for no other reason than to create a path for you to walk on a slick driveway to clear it, for the kids to get the school bus, for the paper delivery, and the mail carrier.
Gear Up: Hey, look, we may work in a repair shop but we’re still fashion-savvy! Fun fact: winter outdoor wear is about to show up in stores NOW. We think it’s because Halloween is coming, and we all remember making sure our costumes fit over snow suits for a reason. Take stock of your coats, boots, snow pants, mitts, hats, and scarves now so that you’re ready to pounce on a good deal, or at least get something in your favourite colour. We’re big fans of neon orange and reflector strips.

Cambridge Small Motors: We say this every year, but the time to bring in your snow blower for repair or a tune up is yesterday. We’re coming off of lawn mower repair season –this was a banner season, thanks folks! – and our snow blower repair lineup has begun so come on down! Shopping for a new one? We’re here for you! Come on by our show room at 25 Milling Road Unit 3 in Cambridge, Ontario or call us at (519) 220-1700.

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