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We’re at that point in the summer season where outdoor cleanup is part of your daily routine. Sure, you’ve been mowing the lawn, weeding garden beds, and picking up sticks left, right, and centre after each rainfall (and we’re grateful to have had enough rain this summer!), but that stuff was almost fun! Maybe not the lawn mowing, but consider it all part of your regular summer workout. With all that rainfall, and lawn mowing, and wind, as summer begins to shift into autumn you begin to see the reason it’s called fall; there’s stuff EVERYWHERE.

Pressure WashYour deck, driveway, sideway, everything is suddenly covered with pine cones, seed casings galore, and pollen, dirt, and you probably don’t want to know what that splotch is over there. You can sweep, you get out the leaf blower, and you can even bring the vacuum outside, but even after it’s all done a power washer is going to get that last layer of grime off of your outdoor paradise. Get cleaning with these tips so that you can thoroughly enjoy these last summer nights (and mornings, and afternoons) hanging out in the yard you work hard all year to keep up.

Pressure WashPressure WashLike lawnmowers, and every tool, pressure washers come in a variety of power. If you’re purchasing, make a list of everything you plan to use it for, like lawn furniture, siding, the boat, driveway, and deck, and make sure you’re picking the washer you most need. Could be that you just need a small one – save up some room in the garage for another toy! Tool! Of course, we meant to say tool.

On a serious note, power washers, like other tools, aren’t to be toyed with. Always dress for success when you’re using the power washer, just as you would to mow the lawn or work in the garden; closed-toed footwear, long pants, long sleeves, hat, protective glasses, and work gloves. Pressure washers use a lot of power so keep the spray pointed only at the item you’re cleaning to avoid injury or damaging something you didn’t intend to “clean”. And try a test spot in an inconspicuous spot on the item you’re cleaning to make sure you’re not using too much water pressure. When used right, these babies can strip paint!

Using a pressure washer is a lot like a trip to the DIY car wash. Stand a reasonable distance away from whatever it is you’re cleaning for best results. Wash upwards and rinse downwards.
Proper storage of any tool is key to longevity. For power washers you want to drain the water and cleaners from the machine – including the hoses – after every use, and when preparing for winter drain gas and use a pump lubricant or antifreeze, as according to the instruction manual.

Staying on top of outdoor maintenance not only means less work for you, but less work for your tools. The more often you clean, the less effort you and your tools need to exert. Got a tool with a small motor that could use a tune up? Bring it in to Cambridge Small Motors for repair! We’re located at 25 Milling Road Unit 3 in Cambridge.

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