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Summer is in full swing and while you’re relaxing on the deck with a cold one in your hand we hope you’re taking a good, appreciative look at your yard. You work hard to keep it healthy, hearty, neat, and tidy, and it’s been our pleasure here at Cambridge Small Motors to help you with that. With all the rain we’ve had this year (hooray!), you’ve been mowing twice as often, carefully trimming around the gardens and the driveway, (especially when the neighbours are looking), and pulling out dandelions every which way. You got the season off to a great start with lawnmower maintenance, aerating, and edging, and now it’s time for another round of fertilizer.

Fertilizer in August? Isn’t that a spring/fall thing? We hear you. And, no. August is Fertilizer Month at Cambridge Small Motors! We’ve got Compact Sod’s 16-16-16 fertilizer in stock for your right now. Pros recommend that you fertilize your lawn every 6 to 8 weeks, depending on whether you turn the sprinklers on every watering day and the frequency of sweet summer rain. Aim to fertilize 6 weeks if hydration has been plentiful, 8 weeks otherwise.

grass kids lawnWe stock 16-16-16 fertilizer because your lawn is hungry and requires a balanced diet. The 3 numbers on a bag of fertilizer indicate the ratio of nitrogen, phosphorous, and potash. Nitrogen works on the part of the grass you can see, helping each blade to grow green and tall. Phosphorus works underground on the roots, and potash is an all-around good guy working from the inside out to keep up the health of the whole plant. Signs that a plant could use some snacks include any discolouration of leaves and stunted growth. Consult a garden centre with your precise plant complaint to ensure you’re properly addressing specific needs.

With your luscious grass growing big and tall, you’ll want to take care of your mid-season lawnmower maintenance. For most mowers, that’s a simple blade sharpening. Perhaps you’re tempted to skip this important step in mid-summer lawn care; summer is busy, we get it!

Look for signs that your blades are dull. The easiest way to tell is by looking at the quality of the cut. Is the grass cut cleanly or are there ragged edges on the tips? Is your mower cutting evenly or are there patches of taller grass sticking up here and there when you were so sure you mowed every square centimetre? When you can visibly see that your mower isn’t performing as expected, it’s probably time for sharpening and if you bring in your blade we’ll sharpen it while you wait. Cambridge Small Motors has all of your lawnmower needs covered.

Cambridge Small Motors is pleased to help you maintain a vibrant lawn. Come on down to our showroom at 25 Milling Road, Unit 3 and talk to our staff about our grand selection of lawn care tools for sale, and for rent!

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