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Summer is in full bloom, and your gardening season is really heating up. Yes, you laboured for days in the spring to get your garden beds ready for planting. Then you spent an entire day doing the planting. Now what?

Vegetable Gardens:

Particularly in Southern Ontario, vegetables aren’t quite ready for harvest in July. The key to a successful vegetable garden starts with daily checkups. It doesn’t take long in this heat for plants to wilt, insects to invade, chipmunks to nibble, and mold to grow. By looking carefully at your plants every day you can get a handle on most problems before it’s too late. If you see signs of critters nibbling your plants set up a rabbit fence ASAP – function overrides beauty when you’ve flowers garden playing potgot bite marks in your squash! Take the time to identify insects affecting your plants in order to plot the appropriate revenge – and make sure your action plan is safe for your edibles. Watch for signs of mold, rot, and disease. If your plants don’t look lush and leafy, there’s a remedy for that but you can’t fix it if you don’t find it.

Flower Gardens:

Weeding and watering are your keys to success! Like the vegetable garden, vigilance is the best way to stop problems in their tracks, but since you don’t plan to eat the fruit of these labours, a tour through the gardens every few days is okay. If rain has been scarce, the temperatures hot, or you don’t have a built-in irrigation system, you’ll want to tour more often to look for drooping plants.

Deadheading and harvesting:

Many plants in vegetable and flower gardens thrive when the fruits or flowers are either picked when ready, or removed when done. Garlic will concentrate on providing you a tastier bulb if you harvest the scapes, and roses that have finished blooming should be snipped off just below the fading flower to encourage more to sprout. Create a calendar of all of your fruits and vegetables so that you know when to expect your harvests in case they happen while you’re away as well as to make sure you’re ready to preserve or freeze your bounty. Feel free to spend hours online looking for new recipes anytime!

Don’t put off weeding!

As with all arduous tasks, if you weed a little bit each day it won’t get out of hand, and the weeds themselves will be easy to remove. The last thing you want is to get into a tangle with a prickly thistle when it’s almost a metre tall. Be sure to get the roots of the weeds – you may be surprised how far down dandelions dig.

Speaking of landscaping, are you still angling the lawnmower around that rotting tree stump in your yard? Count on Cambridge Small Motors to fix that for you! Our professional stump remover even comes with a professional to operate it for you. Call us today to book your appointment (519) 220-1700.

And if you’ve been waiting for the right time to add to your landscaping tool collection, we have great news for you! The ECHO sale is on through the end of July so come on in to our showroom at 25 Milling Road Unit 3 in Cambridge.

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