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You like us! You REALLY like us! Turns out spring tool and lawnmower care blog posts got everyone planning ahead. Cambridge Small Motors is proud to announce that our lawnmower repair service is currently backed up with a 3-week waiting period! And people still scoff at the power of blogging and social media. Ha! If we’d known being popular felt so good Josh would have shaved his mullet a decade earlier.

With our lawnmower service backup already this long in April, we expect to reach a 5-week backup by June. Just like you, we planned ahead. To help you keep your lawn in tip-top shape – and your significant other off your case (hello darling! You look beautiful today!) – we’re rewarding your customer loyalty with $25 one-day lawnmower rentals all season long. When you see the neighbour heading towards your lawn with a ruler in hand, check the forecast and give us a call to book your day. We know how pleased your teenagers will be to hear that their favourite summertime chore isn’t on hold after all.

green grass lawnDid you know that all of our tool rentals have optional delivery? Did you know we have tools to rent? Landscaping tends to be a Choose Your Own Adventure every year; same yard, different quest. You don’t have room to store the tools for every job, and you don’t have the budget to invest in them either. We splurged for you. Here’s the short list:

  • Toro Hydraulic Slit Seeder: For when you don’t want to wreck your lawn but you do want to grow more grass.
  • Echo pole pruner: Keep both feet flat on the ground with this 12-foot retractable pruner.
  • Ryan Aerator: Because you missed the guys when they came by to aerate your neighbour’s yard.
  • Stump Grinder – now with an operator to save you frustration!
  • Billy Goat Power Rake: Remove the not-quite biodegraded biological buildup quickly to give your lawn room to breathe.
  • Tiller: Turning the garden by hand isn’t fun.

And check our Lawn Overhaul Package if you can’t unsee the Honey Do list any longer or you’re jealous of the neighbour’s superior lawn maintenance skills. Give us a call to find out what’s in stock, or come on down and peruse our selection. If you’re looking to invest your money and garage space, we’ve got a growing stock of new and used equipment to choose from, too.

In other customer appreciation news, our Open House takes place on Friday May 26th from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Join us for a BBQ lunch, try your luck at winning a prize, and see some live demos to find out how you can master the art of DIY landscaping!

Need more information? Cambridge Small Motors is located at 25 Milling Road in Cambridge, Unit 3. Give us a call at 519-220-1700.

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Local boy Josh Kinsie started Cambridge Small Motors with the idea that customer care should be as renowned as the repair. A mechanic by trade with vast knowledge of all things motors, Josh has as much fun greeting customers as he does getting his hands dirty in the shop. Whether you’re looking for something new or Old Reliable needs a tune-up, come see us for some good old-fashioned customer service.

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