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It’s that time of year again! Time to find out whether critters wintered in your shed, time to start planning the garden, and time to weigh the wisdom of switching over to your summer tires before the end of April. While we can’t help with the tires, we have a lot to offer in your quest for lush landscaping.

Garden spadeWhile it may still be a little too early to turn the garden, it’s never too early to evaluate your tools and prepare for garden and lawn care. After most of the snow has melted, but before the ground gets gushy, pull out your power tools and machines and give them all a thorough inspection. Look for rust, dents, and frayed wires. Check that all of the parts fit securely, and that tools themselves are still comfortable to wield. This includes the lawnmower, rototiller, hedge clippers, chainsaw, seed and fertilizer spreaders. After your initial inspections, start them up and give each tool a try. If something isn’t up to full power plot to repair or replace.

Next examine your non-motorized tools. Check that the handles on your shovels are secure, take stock of your tomato wickets, and examine the wear and tear on your work gloves. You may just find a damaged tool that you forgot you intended to replace in the fall that you’d be very sorry to be without on the first day of gardening.

The tail end of winter is a great time to get your lawn care tools into the shop for maintenance or repair. Snow blower season here at Cambridge Small Motors is winding down and lawnmower season has just begun, so the turnaround time should be particularly speedy. If you’d rather fix it yourself we can save you a lot of hassle by ordering your replacement parts right the first time.

Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or you’ve moved into your first home with rakes and a lawnmower donated by family and friends, there are always going to be tools that just aren’t going to make it through another season. When it’s time to buy replacements, or add to your collection, start looking for your new tools now to get exactly what you need without compromise. While you’re out browsing the sales, come to our showroom and check out our excellent selection of new and used equipment – rentals, too! Cambridge Small Motors’ used stock is as guaranteed as our new, and each tool has been professionally assembled and tested. Best of all, your visit to our showroom comes with personalized customer service. Talk to our staff about your needs, your lawn, your garden dreams and get advice about the tools right for your yard work preferences and landscaping needs. And did you know that we offer pick-up and delivery for repairs and purchases?

The only thing worse than discovering your snow blower has betrayed you is gearing yourself up to mow the lawn, pulling the rip cord and hearing crickets. Whatever your small motor needs, Cambridge Small Motors is here for you!

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