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Buying a used lawnmower can be a smart move. Older, well-cared for machines were built to last, some still going strong 20 and 30 years later. We’ve got some tips to help you avoid picking up a lemon.

Start with research. Find out what the going price is for new mowers, and when you’ve got your eye on a specific used one, find out what the going price is on a new one of comparable features to be sure the asking price is fair. Look up the cost of replacement parts for the mower you’re considering. It pays to be prepared.

used lawnmowerWhen you’re face-to-face with your potential new machine and you’ve got satisfying answers to the usual questions of “How old is it?” and “Why are you selling it?” check the mower over thoroughly before starting it up. If the seller is serious about selling this mower for a good price, they won’t have any problem with you testing it out.

Unplug the sparkplug to ensure your safety. Look to see that the oil isn’t sludge and doesn’t smell like gasoline. Look for any signs of leakage. Examine the blade for damage. If the mower comes with a bag, make sure that it fits properly. If it’s electric, check the electrical cord for damage, and make sure the prongs aren’t bent.

Plug the sparkplug back in and test the lawnmower out. How easily did it start? Is it self-driving? Make sure it drives itself. Does it have different speeds? Test them all out. If it’s a ride-on make sure all the driving features work (especially the brakes!). Check again for leaks, and make sure nothing smokes. As you test it out, adjust the seat or the height of the handle until you’re comfortable.
If a push mower isn’t self-driving consider the terrain you’ll be mowing and whether the machine too heavy. The average lawn can take an hour to mow, so comfort is a must to avoid muscle strain. Lastly, check how well it cuts the grass! This sounds obvious, but it’s easy to get caught up in the mechanics.

If there is additional damage to the mower that wasn’t advertised, and you know that you can either replace parts yourself or have the mower repaired for a reasonable rate, renegotiate the price with the seller. Aren’t you glad you did some research?

Once you get it home, if you’re qualified, give the lawnmower a good cleaning and tune up. Otherwise bring it to our shop so that we can do it for you.

We can save you a lot of hassle and haggle! We have a great selection of used lawnmowers that have been repaired, inspected, and tested by a licensed mechanic. They even come with a full tank of fuel. Come to our showroom on 25 Milling Road, Unit 3, we are even open till 8pm on Thursdays for your convenience. See you soon.

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