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January: the holiday decorations are stored, the gifts put away, and the weather is only getting worse. There’s a good way to keep your sanity in check and your spirits high, though: and that’s with a clear driveway!

We know, we know: not such inspiring stuff, is it? But proper snow clearing is great maintenance for your driveway and your tools… and your body, too. It can save you from incurring unnecessary injury that can lead to sick days and long-term healing; not to mention the benefit of decreasing seasonal stress!

Here are some of our favorite snow clearing tips.

DON’T put your back into it!

Most of us know that the heavy bending and lifting of shoveling can put you at serious risk of injury. Unfortunately, we’ve seen this too many times to count. You may be even more at risk, and need to be more conscious, if you spend less time in a gym than you do hanging fireside with a beer. Snow clearing is an aerobic exercise, so pace yourself. Push snow instead of lifting. Take deep squats with wide space between your feet, and keep your back straight. Don’t Fun In Winterlock your elbows when shoveling, and carry small amounts at a time to where you want it to go instead of tossing over your shoulder and twisting your spine or better yet, get a snow blower suited to you and your driveway, we can help with that!

The Equipment Matters

When using a shovel, make sure it’s the proper fit for your size and weight. When using a snow blower, make sure your machine is properly maintained using some of our recommended tips. It sounds obvious but it’s worth remembering: use caution when operating your machine. Keep your arms and hands away from moving parts (even if they jam) and always shut your machine off if you need to unclog it.

Salt of the Earth

While salting driveways and sidewalks is a necessary practice to keep us from unnecessary slips and falls, too much salt can be detrimental to our water system. While some of the water in our Region comes from the Grand River, most comes from snow melt and rain water that is clarified by ground water aquifiers. Shovel/snow blow first (instead of using salt to melt snow), use alternates like kitty litter or sand to create traction, and remember: a little goes a long way. Find out more about regulations on salt use in Waterloo Region.

Accessories are Everything  

There are so many accessories that make snow clearing less stressful. Treat icy patches first with an ice melter, and allow it to set before clearing with a steel ice chopper.  

As always, our team is here to help with the gritty details. Give us a call today!

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