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Easy is most likely not the first word that comes to mind when you think of snow in January. Luckily, if you have a quality snow blower from an industry leader like Toro or Cub Cadet you’re one slippery step ahead of the next guy.

We know.. keeping up with snow blower maintenance is nobody’s favourite past time. We’re not going to try to convince you otherwise: BUT, ignoring your machine could result in the worst-case scenario. We’re talking, snowpocalypse, and there you are with a motor that won’t turn over. Don’t let it happen to you!

Here are a few friendly tips to keep your snow blower fully functional and up to speed:

Not All Oils Are Created Equal

Relaxing Fireplace BeerAt least once a season, your oil needs a change. You’ll be able to tell if the oil is too old by checking the colour: if it’s dark, drain it out and replace with new oil. The quality of the oil matters, so always use premium oil to maintain the lifespan of your machine.

Keep The Spark Alive

Enough said: show your spark plug some love at least once a season with a change too, it’s only a $5.00 part. Make sure you have the right tools for the job: a spark plug socket wrench is all you need to remove it.

Keep Sight of Your Shear Pins

If you’ve ever been in the middle of snow blowing and hit a big chunk of ice or that frozen newspaper left outside, you’ve likely jammed your auger. The easy way to fix this is to replace your shear pins, which holds the auger to the auger shaft. Make sure you use the correct replacement shear pins.

Don’t Ice Out on Your Auger

Before you store your machine, take the time to clean it out before storing. It seems obvious, but many folks store it with the hopes that big chunk of ice and stuck snow will melt off the auger. Unfortunately, if the space your storing isn’t temperature controlled and warm, it won’t melt, and you’ll risk burning out your belts.

Set Your Skid Shoe Sights High

So you have a fancy stone or gravel driveway, do you? If you haven’t found out the hard way already, having your skid shoes too low might mean gravel confetti all over your property. While there isn’t a set height that works on every surface to prevent this and protect your machine, your best bet is to start too high and work your way down until you find the right fit. This will ensure that the auger housing and scraper bar are in the right position.

Did we lose you at auger? If you don’t have the time, energy, or a warm indoor space to service your engine, great news! We’ve got all three. All our repairs come with Trufuel and some pretty outstanding customer service, too. Swing by and save yourself the hassle. Be careful on the roads out there!

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