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With the white stuff on the way, the shop is stocked full of snow blowers… and we mean in the hundreds. Poor Josh is running so fast he’s starting to get himself a girlish figure! But even during our busiest time of the year, we’ve always got time for that old-fashioned customer service we’ve built the business on.

It’s one of the reasons we know what we offer is better than the box stores for your snow blower or any machine, any time of the year. You heard us: we’re SURE. How can we be so confident that our service is superior? Glad you asked. Here’s how it breaks down for us:

The Selection

snow blower2If you’ve been to the shop before you’ll know we’re proud to offer quality products from quality brands such as Toro, ECHO, and Cub Cadet and the models we offer are some unique styles you won’t find elsewhere. We have heavy-duty Cub Cadet and Toro snow blower, for example, that are not on the shelves at the big box store.

The Experts

Though Josh’s boyish grin does bring a lot of girls to the shop, it’s not the main reason we have so many return and repeat customers. Unlike staff at box stores that often know enough to point you to an appropriate purchase to fit what you think you need, we know their might be some things you haven’t considered. Small motors aren’t just our business but our passion. Our knowledgeable staff understand our industry and our machines inside and out (literally), so you get our expertise every time. Listening to the specific needs of our clients, and asking the right questions, is a big part of finding the right fit. What’s the size of your driveway? Do you need an electric start? Are you working with hills or sidewalks? Do you need a machine that will work through those tough piles of icy snow left at the end of your driveway by a snow plow? These are the kinds of details that point to different machines, and they’re the ones we’ll take the time to ask.

The Extra Mile

Here’s the truth: if you’re not picky about your model, if you’ve done the research on different models yourself, if you’ve got a big enough vehicle to get your machine home, and you’ve got the time to assemble your machine yourself… maybe the box store is a reasonable choice. Our clients are the ones who are too busy to make small motor expertise their part-time hobby, though: and that’s why the full service we offer is a big score in their books. It means that when you buy from us, your machine comes fully greased, fueled, tested by our mechanics AND delivered within the cost of your machine! You got it: we’re giving the milk away for free…

December is a great time to come by the shop if you’ve never been before, and a great time to check out other great Hespeler businesses for all your holiday gifts. We’ll see you soon, and Merry Christmas!

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About Cambridge Small Motors

Local boy Josh Kinsie started Cambridge Small Motors with the idea that customer care should be as renowned as the repair. A mechanic by trade with vast knowledge of all things motors, Josh has as much fun greeting customers as he does getting his hands dirty in the shop. Whether you’re looking for something new or Old Reliable needs a tune-up, come see us for some good old-fashioned customer service.

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