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We’ll start with the bad news: winter is coming, folks. And according to the weather predictions, it’s going to be a bad one for the books.

But we’ve got good news, too: your friendly neighbourhood small engine repair shop is here for you. Here are a few tips to make your transition into snow blower repair season a swift one!.

Snow BlowerKnow Your Fuel

Trust us: quality fuel matters when it comes to any engine. Fuel has a shelf life of 30 days, so if there is a chance you left fuel in your engine over the summer, don’t (we repeat: don’t) test your machine before you replace your fuel. We’ve seen a lot of unnecessary knee and back injuries over the years! Replace your fuel before testing. To extend your snow blower’s lifespan, use premium fuel and add a fuel stabilizer to extend its life and to save your engine from potential ethanol damage.

Leave the Dirty Work to the Professionals

One of the biggest reasons people procrastinate maintenance work is because they hate to do it. It’s time consuming, messy work. Who wants to spend a cold November day in the garage anyway? Even if your machine starts without issues, annual maintenance can increase your engine’s lifetime season after season. Our team of professionals are ready for the dirty work such as:

  • Spark plug and oil replacement
  • Carburetor rebuild
  • Adjusting or replacing belts
  • Scraper blade and skid shoe adjustment or replacement
  • Check tire pressure

Get it to Us… Yesterday

It seems a little early, sure: the leaves are still falling, and we haven’t even set the clocks back yet! Here’s our best advice: get snow ready NOW. Our store room is already stacked with almost 80 – yes, 80- pending repairs! Whether you’re handling the job yourself or having it serviced, getting it done now will save you the panic that the first heavy snow fall might bring. There’s no need to deal with unnecessary shoveling (especially in that hard packed, compacted snow at the end of your driveway!) while you wait for your machine to be serviced.

Consider the Value

If you don’t already have a snow blower, no problem! We’re now fully stocked with the latest seasonal models from our quality suppliers like Toro and Cub Cadet, so come and talk to us. If you’re sticker shy and wondering about the value of your investment, consider this: according to WebMD, snow shoveling sends more than 11,000 adults and children to the hospital every year with injuries such as bad backs, broken bones, head injuries and even heart attacks! What is your time really worth? Can you afford the potential recovery time?

An investment in the right snow blower can save you all kinds of concerns such as these and others associated with those pending winter storms. Unlike buying a machine from a big box store, when you buy from Cambridge Small Motors your machine comes fully assembled, greased, fueled and delivered straight to your home. Pay for the convenience, save yourself the insult and injury, and have that added customer support along the way, too.

Call us today to talk about all your snow blowing needs!

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