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If you get a lot of satisfaction from checking off items on a lengthy to-do list, September is a great time of year. Fall clean up, anyone? But, if you don’t have the right tools for the job, it can be a rough season on your body… and your wallet.

Many of the tools you need to get your home or commercial grounds are only used one day a year! Luckily, you can rent all the tools you need to get the job done right from Cambridge Small Motors. You’ll never have to worry about storage or maintenance: and, if you want to save yourself the cumbersome task of transport, we can deliver it to you- give us a call to find out about our half price special! All our machines are also convenient to transport if you want to pick them up yourself.

Here’s a great fall clean up list to get you organized:

Fall FunRaking

Depending on the size of your property, manual raking can become a daunting and time consuming job. Our Billy Goat Power Rake has all kinds of features that help make the job easier, such as self-propelled down sweep rotation (which reduces fatigue), and a design that improves operator comfort and handling.

Lawn Aeration

Getting to the root of your lawn problem can guarantee your grass will be greener than your neighbours come Spring. The best way to do this is through aeration: a process that involves making small holes in the soil to allow water, air, and nutrients to penetrate thatch and soil, and get to the root zone. Aeration has all kinds of benefits: from maximizing your fertilizer effectiveness to enhancing heat and drought stress tolerance. Our Ryan® Walk-Behind Aerators are of superior quality, and give precise results. They’re “ergonomically designed and durably built for long-lasting performance for small to mid-sized properties.


Both new and established grass can benefit from the thickening power of seeding (best done after aerating). The variable, speed-driven operating system of our easy to use. Toro Hydraulic Seeder® makes even the biggest seeding projects manageable: their high-carbon, heat-treated spring steel ensures no chipping or bending in the process.


Pruning branches from trees is a labour intensive job that can be incredibly taxing on your neck, arms, and upper back. Stay grounded and save yourself the headaches (literally!) by using a power pruner! Our Echo Pole Pruner has extra-long reach (up to 12 feet) that makes it safer and easier to get to those tall branches, and the light-weight design and controls provide an optimized ease of use.

Log Stumper

Maybe it’s an Emerald Ash Borough stump in your front lawn, or an old tree you’ve finally decided to chop down. Even if you’ve hired out for the task, the contract price seldom includes stump removal. Let us take you from stumped to stacked! You can turn that sightly stump into valuable firewood to heat your home in the coming winter. Let us handle the job for you.

Keep in mind, there are only so many yard waste pickups left in Cambridge. Now’s the time to get your fall tools in order! In the meantime, we’re getting our showroom snow blower ready. Like it or not folks, that Canadian winter are upon us!


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