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Welcome to Waterloo Regions' Best Small Engine Sales & Repair Shop

CSM vs. Big Box Stores

Why go anywhere else?

Cambridge Small Motors
  • Fast, friendly service from knowledgeable staff
  • Assembled by a mechanic
  • Fully serviced and tested to ensure worry-free use
  • Full tank of high grade fuel
  • Instructions on how to use your new tool
  • Full In-house Warranty
  • Free delivery

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Big Box Stores
  • Sold to you by seasonal staff
  • Sold to you in a box, so YOU can assemble it
  • If assembled, its done by unlicensed staff
  • No delivery service available, unless you rent a truck
  • No after sale support
  • Has no fuel in it, so you don’t know if it runs

"Cambridge Small Motors was able to get my riding mower back up and running for a fraction of the cost of a replacement. Best of all, they picked it up and delivered it back when they were done."

Sarah Williams, Homeowner

  • Read and understand the operators manual
  • Dress appropriately to keep you warm but nothing too loose around the moving parts
  • Always refuel outside on a flat surface
  • Stay behind the handles when it’s in motion
  • Wear safety glasses
  • Hearing protection
  • Never make adjustments when engine is running
  • When clearing the chute or impeller never use your hand or your foot use the cleanout tool
  • Parts will be hot during and after use keep exposed skin away
  • Never run a snow blower inside
  • Walk don’t run
  • Be careful when operating in reverse, on slippery surfaces and steep inclines
  • Clear your area of newspapers, sticks, any decorative items

About Cambridge Small Motors

Local boy Josh Kinsie started Cambridge Small Motors with the idea that customer care should be as renowned as the repair. A mechanic by trade with vast knowledge of all things motors, Josh has as much fun greeting customers as he does getting his hands dirty in the shop. Whether you’re looking for something new or Old Reliable needs a tune-up, come see us for some good old-fashioned customer service.

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