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We want to make your next lawnmower your favourite one by far. Cambridge Small Motors fixes hundreds of lawnmowers every year – in summer 2017 we had a 3-week wait list and so we started renting lawnmowers out to ensure our customers had a great-looking lawn all summer long no matter what! We’ve heard every lawnmower complaint. Whether you purchase new or used we’ve put together our key lawnmower shopping tips to help keep your landscaping frustration to an absolute minimum!

If you take a glance at your calendar you’ll likely notice all kinds of gift-giving celebrations approaching, including birthdays, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, anniversaries, and showers. It’s intimidating to think of the Perfect Gift for every event, but we’re here to let you in on the secret of gift-giving success: POWER TOOLS!

\We love to repair your lawnmowers and your snow blowers, but we also love a challenge. Not sure what else you could bring to us when it breaks? Here’s a small sampling of additional gas-powered small motor machines we’ve fixed.
Generators and Water Pumps: We’re named Cambridge Small Motors, not Cambridge Lawnmowers and Snow Blower Motors! We really do mean that we service a wide variety of small motor machines, including back-up generators, gas-powered pumps of all kinds – contractors, we’ve got your machines covered!

You know all about fuel for your favourite combustion engine machines, be they car, lawnmower, snow blower, chainsaw, or the leaf blower, but do you know about oil? It’s become alarmingly apparent in our shop that we need to talk about the importance of oil to machinery; let’s just say we’ve had a lot of really expensive paperweights delivered to the shop!

Mulling over your New Year’s resolution list? We’ve got the perfect 2018 goal for you: A Beautiful Lawn! Why are we talking about grass in the heart of winter? Because we know the secret to a lush, lovely outdoor space is Planning Ahead. And we know you’ve been feeling envy, and maybe a touch of guilt, when you see your neighbour’s artful landscaping. You just need to set aside a bit of time, and to come see Cambridge Small Motors.


We believe that the perfect gift is thoughtful, individualized, and useful, and we believe that perfect gift is a tool. Suitable for every budget, every house, apartment, cottage, or car, and every age. Here are some ideas to get you started.

As you get ready to tuck your yard care tools away for the winter there are some steps you should take to give your gear the best chance at roaring to life in the spring. Obviously we’re talking about your lawnmower, but also your chain saw, your leaf blower, your trimmer…if it’s a yard maintenance tool that requires gas, heck even your snow blower, we’re talking about it.

We all know here in Southern Ontario that winter isn’t the only season to bring us cold weather and snow. You have to be ready to tackle ice and snow in the fall and all the way into spring. Summer is over, (sniffle, hiccup), fall has just begun, and while you make plans to bake pumpkin pie and find a turkey sale, gear up for winter driveway maintenance, too.

We’re at that point in the summer season where outdoor cleanup is part of your daily routine. Sure, you’ve been mowing the lawn, weeding garden beds, and picking up sticks left, right, and centre after each rainfall (and we’re grateful to have had enough rain this summer!), but that stuff was almost fun! Maybe not the lawn mowing, but consider it all part of your regular summer workout. With all that rainfall, and lawn mowing, and wind, as summer begins to shift into autumn you begin to see the reason it’s called fall; there’s stuff EVERYWHERE.

Summer is in full swing and while you’re relaxing on the deck with a cold one in your hand we hope you’re taking a good, appreciative look at your yard. You work hard to keep it healthy, hearty, neat, and tidy, and it’s been our pleasure here at Cambridge Small Motors to help you with that. With all the rain we’ve had this year (hooray!), you’ve been mowing twice as often, carefully trimming around the gardens and the driveway, (especially when the neighbours are looking), and pulling out dandelions every which way. You got the season off to a great start with lawnmower maintenance, aerating, and edging, and now it’s time for another round of fertilizer.

Summer is in full bloom, and your gardening season is really heating up. Yes, you laboured for days in the spring to get your garden beds ready for planting. Then you spent an entire day doing the planting. Now what?

Hi! We’re Cambridge Small Motors and today we’d like to talk to you about something we know inside and out – literally. What do you really need, and what do you really need to know before making a purchase? Could you just rent that?

You like us! You REALLY like us! Turns out spring tool and lawnmower care blog posts got everyone planning ahead. Cambridge Small Motors is proud to announce that our lawnmower repair service is currently backed up with a 3-week waiting period! And people still scoff at the power of blogging and social media. Ha! If we’d known being popular felt so good Josh would have shaved his mullet a decade earlier.

It’s that time of year again! Time to find out whether critters wintered in your shed, time to start planning the garden, and time to weigh the wisdom of switching over to your summer tires before the end of April. While we can’t help with the tires, we have a lot to offer in your quest for lush landscaping.

January: the holiday decorations are stored, the gifts put away, and the weather is only getting worse. There’s a good way to keep your sanity in check and your spirits high, though: and that’s with a clear driveway!

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